Welcome to my collective body of
work of visual art,
storytelling & dreams.

My work is a fusion of things I would like to see, things I wish I could find in reality, and a visual scrapbook of places I’ve been.

It is my goal with each piece to consider the building, statue, or creature as having a voice that can tell me what it dreams about. I want forgotten structures to be reborn into fantastic adventures and sacred spaces to become someone’s favorite sanctuary.

Each image I produce contains real photographs I have captured, blended into dreamscapes and memories. It is my hope that those who view my work can find their own connection between dreaming and waking, desire and memory, and dark and light.


The request was simple: Please send me a page or two on a time you had an experience with divinity, the supernatural, God- however you would like to describe it. I asked for a description of the time, place and the age range of the writer. They began arriving in my inbox. Their stories ranged from the day a phone call saved someone’s life, to sitting quietly in the morning with a glass of orange juice, experiencing God.

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